Dice Pyrates

Dice Pyrates Unite
An intro into who we are and what we do

Welcome to Dice Pyrates

Our fearless leader, Ben, has united the group that will soon be known as the Dice Pyrates. The goal of this group is to have fun and share our adventures with you; our adoring fans… or soon to be fans… or people who just happened to stumble upon this page or our social media account. We are in the planning phase of this epic adventure.

Dice Pyrates Q&A

Q. Lots of people do this. Why start yet another gaming podcast?
A. Several of us have wanted to do this for quite a while. With Starfinder being released, we thought it would be a good time to give you, our loyal fans, a chance to see a seasoned gaming group learning a new system at its inception.

Q. Who are you people?
A. We all live in Colorado and have met each other in various ways. Some of us are married, others met in college, and the geekier of us met through online gaming hookups (not as dirty, but just as nerdy as it sounds).

  • Ben — Our pirate-loving, D&D veteran who has a masterful way of spinning a story that will entertain for hours.
  • Austin — Also an avid gamer and rules lawyer (every group has one, I’m doing a public service, okay?!) and also the computer guy.
  • Beth — Has been playing table top games since she was a toddler. Her family raised her up right as a proper geek. Also happens to be married to Austin.
  • Joe — The big brother everyone wish they had. Papa Joe is our veteran gamer who has probably played more than the rest of us combined. He is on a lifelong quest to play games until he ascends into a pillar of light. My guess is he’s close.
  • Kat — Ben’s wife and lifetime gamer herself. She is not afraid to play a character that has some depth.
  • Tim — If there is a board game, Tim has it. Never know what he will pull out of his giant chest of games when we meet. He also makes mead… so… he’s popular.

Q. Since you haven’t actually started, and you don’t really have any fans… who actually asked you these questions?
A. … I made them up, okay? Judge a little harder, you snarky bastard!